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Larx Advisors Gains Trust with Dynata

Larx Advisors was engaged by the Private Equity sponsor that combined Research Now and Survey Sampling, Inc. to support the merger integration. The combined company was rebranded as Dynata post-merger. After the successful integration process, Larx was awarded continued work to assist with a tuck-in acquisition and support a variety of finance function process improvements and cost reduction projects. Larx continues to provide Dynata with trusted support.

“I was impressed seeing the shared passion Larx had for our business and with the personal commitment to driving successful project outcomes – they were truly a part of our team.” – Sloane Googin, CFO-Dynata


Larx: What was Larx initially hired to do?
 Our company went through a significant merger a couple years ago, so we brought on Larx in January, 2018 to help with the planning and execution of the merger integration. After seeing the team’s high level of performance, we decided to engage them on subsequent projects, including another acquisition integration as well as a separate process improvement initiative.

Larx: What has it been like working with Larx Advisors?
 The Larx team got up to speed quickly and really teamed up with our leadership and functional team members. I was impressed seeing the shared passion Larx had for our business and with the personal commitment to driving successful project outcomes – they were truly a part of our team. They demonstrated a “can do” attitude and where willing to do whatever was needed to keep our projects on track. Larx approaches our challenges as if they were theirs and we have found their proposed solutions to be both innovative and pragmatic.  

Larx: What makes Larx different from other consultants or advisory professionals you’ve worked with in the past?
 I think of Larx as an extension of my own team. They were truly collaborative and worked with our team as if they were Dynata employees themselves. They challenged themselves to do more to minimize project fatigue and stress on our team members while helping push projects forward.    

Larx: What would you say to other executives thinking of bringing the Larx team into their organization?
 You’ll be glad that you brought Larx on. Some advisors shine a spotlight on things that are stuck. Larx spots issues and immediately moves to resolve them. Our Larx advisors where thorough, collaborative and consistently exceeded our expectations in terms of delivery. 

Dynata, a leading market research firm, was a pleasure to serve. The leadership team’s commitment to the successful merger and follow-on acquisition was incredible and resulted in not only exceeding synergy targets and expectations but also accelerated those savings in terms of timeline. Larx is humbled and proud to have been associated with the many successful outcomes derived and I look forward to our continued partnership to contribute to the process improvements and sustaining value creation,” says Erik Toth, Managing Partner – Larx Advisors.

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