Client Pledge

When you engage Larx Advisors to help your company, you can expect the following from us:

We pledge to personalize our services and pricing to your needs.

Have you ever worked with a consulting firm who tried to convince you that your issue can be solved with their patented methodology? Templated methodologies make the consultant’s life easier but are not always in the best interest of the client. At Larx, we work collaboratively with our clients to create the timeline, scope and compensation model that works for you and your team. 

We pledge to leave your organization better than we found it.

Have you ever received an invoice from a consulting firm charging a lot of hours for work that didn’t have any impact on your business? Consulting firms like to price their services by the hour. Doing so removes all the risk to them but does not guarantee their focus on the most important issues to your business.

We pledge to assign A Senior Resource to every engagement.

Have you ever signed a contract with a senior member of a consulting firm’s leadership team only to be handed off to a more junior resource as soon as the ink is dry? That will not happen at Larx. All projects are led by a senior team member. 

We jerks.

Have you ever worked with a consultant that tried to convince you that they were the smartest person in the room? Someone who alienated your team and came up with the solution before they even understood the question? That will not happen at Larx. We believe our purpose is not to solve every problem – it is to use our experience and expertise to bring out the best in everyone on your team. 

We pledge to strive for perfection but will own up to any mistakes

While we strive for perfection on all engagements, we will own up to any mistakes we make. More importantly, we will make it right. There are no egos here and we are all on the same team. When you work with Larx, you can expect and will receive complete transparency on all aspects of your engagement.

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