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Merger Integration To Help Company Capture $80 Million In Synergies


Working with a private equity sponsor, a global market research and IT firm acquired its primary competitor for the opportunity to double its market share and improve profitability and competitive positioning. The acquisition was made on the basis of substantial economies of scale due to similarities of structure, global market presence and service offerings in addition to commonalities in key customers.

With similar operations and support structures in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, there was an opportunity to align technology platforms, combine sales functions and cross-sell customer channels and consolidate operations to reduce costs, enhance scalability and improve customer responsiveness. The newly expanded organization needed help with the development and execution of a merger integration plan that would minimize disruption, optimize synergies and maximize revenues.


To bring the merging companies into alignment, Larx deployed a team of expert project leaders with a strong technical and operational background. The team collaborated closely with company leadership to create an integration management office as well as develop and help execute a comprehensive plan. The Larx team provided much needed guidance, expertise and resources in key areas:

  • Pragmatic and efficient approaches to project plan development, reporting, maintenance and execution that minimized disruption to the various business units
  • Standardized tools, templates, approaches and reporting models that enabled teams to document project plans and measure performance against them
  • Functional expertise and specialized resources that weren’t available within the company

By aligning and optimizing the merging organizations’ leadership, teams, technologies, tools, operations, processes, procedures and sales, Larx was able to help the new organization exceed its goals and capture $80 million in synergies. Larx delivered expertise and strong leadership at a compelling price point, which allowed the client to reduce dependence on higher priced consulting services and save more than $1 million on the project. With Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), harmonized policies and procedures and a detailed strategy for long term facility consolidation and optimization in place, Larx helped position the organization for continuing growth and success. After seeing the team’s high level of performance, the client has engaged Larx on additional projects including another acquisition integration as well as a process improvement initiative.


Private equity sponsor of significant merger needed to align technologies and sales and operations, reduce costs and improve scale and customer responsiveness.
  • Created Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Aligned project plan development, reporting, maintenance, execution
  • Introduced standardized tools, templates, approaches, synergy modeling
  • Provided functional expertise, specialized resources
  • Holistic project plan
  • Harmonized policies and procedures
  • Detailed tracking
  • Long term strategy in place
  • Integration synergy goals exceeded
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